The Late Set

On the edge of a parking lot
Trying to find the strength to go in
So I can unburden my aching heart
And my shift can begin
I fill the late set on Thursday night
Playing songs that all sound…

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I was a beauty queen at seventeen
Planning life by quizzes in magazines
Now I hand out receipts for gasoline
At the filling station off of exit three
Selling cigarettes and coffee rolls
Faded maps showing only local roads

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Loans On Love

I told you once, told you twice 
But you chose not to take advice from me 
Told you three times, thought you'd learn 
You can't change the direction that we turn 
By running in place, the world can't keep pace …

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I see the pillars rusting this bridge coming down
If the water gets higher it’s going bring us to the ground
But no one will believe it because they cover their eyes
Saying it’s impossible for rivers to rise

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A Better Game

Sunlight is fading
As the rain sets in
Streetlights cut the dark sky
On the sidewalk again
I’m laying on the corner
To see the world bend
Trying to generate a way to play a better game
Because if it’s…

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I watch you dance among the midnight shadows
Humming along to a tune that isn’t there
Swaying on your feet past broken windows
Light reflecting off the glass flickers through your hair
It was buried in my heart without a…

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On The Day

On the day I die the sun will rise
Though you wipe tears from your eyes
Flowers bloom and birds will sing
Clocks will chime and phones will ring
People waiting for their trains
Watch forecasters predicting rains

When you…

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Broken glass upon the barroom floor
Fallen from your shaking hand
You hold a finger up to order more
Bartender waves off your demand
People talking like they know it all
They see the trouble in your eyes
You shrug…

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The Trials

Here’s to the trials
Here’s to those who found their way
Those in revival
And those who’ve lived through their last day
Here we stand
Trying to wipe the egg from our faces
Hoping we don’t end up branded by…

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