Between the Leather and Headlights

Alone in a room that's full of people 
Nothing on my mind except more sleep 
Take my forty dollars and head for home 
Ninety miles an hour pass beneath my feet 
My eyes are too tired to see the yield…

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Yellow Line

Well I left my heart on Main Street last night 
Tipped my hat to the taxi’s brake lights 
And I thought about this old friend of mine 
As I made my way to the commuter line 
He‘d tell me heaven…

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Hard Times

Woke up this morning, turned on the news 
There’s a man shuffling papers singing the blues 
Turning away struggling with what to say 
He’s caught on the lines 
Trying to hide his eyes from the truth 

In walks my Mother…

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Loans On Love

I told you once, told you twice 
But you chose not to take advice from me 
Told you three times, thought you'd learn 
You can't change the direction that we turn 
By running in place, the world can't keep pace …

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Meet Me at the Table

Alarm kicks on the radio 
Picking out words to a song I know 
Sunlight through an open door 
Shining on scars that weren’t there before 

Fell asleep in dirty clothes 
With muddy shoes and battered bones 
My body aches from…

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I see sailboats finding better shores 
Ships built with three masts or more 
Other men fat off the catch they bore 
And I'm wondering how long I've been anchored for 

Diesel from the harbor is thick in my breath 

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