Parlour Jazz Jam

Parlour Jazz Jam

Join us at The Parlour on the First Sunday of every month for a live performance from The Ben Shaw Quartet followed by an open jam where musicians of all levels are invited to sit in and play. Featuring tunes from the Great American Songbook, contemporary charts, re-harmonizations of pop songs, free improvisations, original music, and all the other colors from the big, beautiful palette called “jazz”. Bring your horns, drumsticks, guitars, or whatever it is you’ve got and come hang! 

A digital keyboard, guitar and bass amps, and drum kit will be available on stage for use. 

Doors open at 5:15pm, house band starts at 5:30. Cover is $10 for general admission, $5 for those who sign up to play.

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Rules & Best Practices

1. Night begins with a short performance by the house band at 5:30 with the open jam starting around 5:45-6:00pm. Sign up is “first come first serve” and will stay open until list is full. You must be present to sign up for a slot to perform i.e. no calling ahead or signing up friends. Any indication this is happening will get both names taken off the list.

2. Everyone gets at least two tunes. We will rotate in musicians off the list one at a time and increase that number depending on where we are in the evening. For example: player A comes up for tune 1, then player B joins for player’s A’s tune 2, then player A leaves and player C joins player B, and so on. If there is time at the end we will circle back around. 

3. When soloing, take a couple choruses but please avoid excessively long improvisations  so we can make sure every musician has plenty of time. 

4. Be aware of where you are on the list and be prepared with instrument in hand and ready to play when your name is called. Make sure all audio related needs are communicated and made clear well in advance of your performance slot. 

5. Have an idea of what songs you would like to perform before your slot, but be aware that may change on the bandstand. We recommend chatting with the musicians before and after you on the list to coordinate possible choices. 

6. If you are a singer or instrumentalist who performs a song in a different key than is standard, please provide enough copies for the rhythm section, as well as Bb and Eb transpositions. We want to do our best to accommodate while maintaining musical quality. 

7. No “vibing” allowed on the night. We are all at different places on our paths and we must respect each other’s musical journey. Our taste and approach to the instrument may vary, but we are all here for the same purpose: to create good music with good folks. Let’s stay positive, respectful, and open so we can create a joyful environment for all. 

8. The host and Parlour employees reserve the right to cut off a performer or ask them to leave at any time if the host or staff deems their performance or behavior inappropriate, offensive, or otherwise unfit for the event.

The Ben Shaw Quartet

"BEN SHAW - the charts"
  • "BEN SHAW - the charts"
  • "BEN SHAW - the charts"
  • "BEN SHAW - the charts"

"BEN SHAW - the charts"

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The sheet music companion to the self-titled debut jazz album from Ben Shaw. Includes a forward and poems written by Shaw, and a digital download of the album.

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