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Eggs Over Medium  

  I don’t think this place has ever gotten my eggs right. For all the years I’ve been coming here you would think that at some point they’d learn how to make an egg over medium. Not over easy, not over hard; over medium. It’s not that tough a concept: you have to fry the egg enough so the whites are cooked to a perfect consistency but leave the yolk a little runny. And you need it runny because by the time you get through both eggs you’ve moved on to the toast, which is not only the perfect vessel for…

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The Seagull And The Fisherman 

Every day the seagull flies around the harbor looking for morsels left by the denizens of the seaside town in which he resides. As he glides from boat to boat he often finds himself listening to the music played by an old fisherman in a tiny skiff tied up to a nearby pier. Each day, while the old fisherman waits for the fish to take his bait, he pulls out a worn, raggedy fiddle and plays a tune. After so many years, one would expect a diversity of repertoire, but the old fisherman always plays the same…

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