As a singer/songwriter, Ben Shaw digs into the uniqueness of American music. Having spent time studying and performing a range of music has given Shaw access to wide array of textures and styles, but with a sound that remains firmly planted in the singer/songwriter tradition. With the craft of a honed musician, he effortlessly blends all these facets together for a rich experience where the sounds of folk ballads and second line rhythms can be heard alongside lush harmonies and contemporary styles. He has often described this approach as being “what would hear if you listened to the Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals at the same time”.

He has performed across the Northeast in clubs, coffee shops, bars, and art galleries as both a soloist and with his band. Being a multi-instrumentalist, in a single set you may find him singing and strumming guitar, then rushing over to play piano while picking up a saxophone to fill in a last second horn solo. However, writing good songs is his passion and in 2019 he was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for his song “Between the Leather and Headlights”.

He has released several singles and is currently working to release a debut 7 track EP which will be available  for streaming and purchase on all platforms.

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