I see the pillars rusting this bridge coming down
If the water gets higher it’s going bring us to the ground
But no one will believe it because they cover their eyes
Saying it’s impossible for rivers to rise
Act like they don’t see it rushing over the side
Hoping their misfortune is going to shift away with the tide

Hurricane is coming going to run through the town
Thunder shakes the people with a rumbling sound
But they deny the rain that’s falling down from the sky
Saying they don’t buy it because their ankles are dry
Maybe when the flood is here they’ll start asking why
But drowning on the bottom must be easier than admitting the lie

Don’t they know
Engines don’t turn over when there’s mud in the oil
Water doesn’t burn you until it comes to a boil
Hunger comes on faster when the food goes to spoil
And if you don’t move where you stand then floodwaters are going to destroy you

Hurricane is coming