“A well-crafted tale in the Americana/folk tradition worthy of repeated listens”
- Ken Abrams on "Seven Songs", What's Up Newport

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Shaw created this project as a tribute to late night bar bands, his love for experimental Americana music, and as a way to explore the myriad faces of hope and heartache. This is a story about ruined dreams and renewed possibility, of the life we imagined and the reality we find ourselves in, and of the beautiful, complicated mess that is getting through a single day. This is for all who struggle to survive, who strive for a better life, and to those we’ve lost along the way.

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Ben Shaw is Rhode Island based Americana/Folk singer and songwriter whose unique voice stretches over a wide range of music. His authentic, sincere performances feature heartfelt stories, infectious melodies, intricate lyrics, witty banter, and well-crafted songs that explore myriad faces of hope and heartache. 

He has been a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition as well as received multiple nominations in Motif Magazine’s Music Awards for Best Singer/Songwriter, Best Americana Vocalist, and Best Album

He has performed across the Northeast in clubs, coffee shops, bars, and art galleries as both a soloist and with a full backing band. In December 2022 he released his latest project, “Madeline”, a full length album and accompanying novella which is available for streaming and purchase on all platforms.


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