Ben Shaw loves to make music. Not only is he a singer and songwriter, he is a jazz saxophonist and composer, a composer of 21st century classical music, a poet, a writer of short-stories, and a music journalist, among many other pursuits. When asked why he chooses to work in such a diverse range of styles and mediums, Shaw has said that he feels compelled to because “After spending so much time in the early years of my practice doubting and maligning everything I wrote or played, I’ve worked hard to rid myself of the high expectations I put on myself. Now, without that burden, I feel free to try anything that comes to mind and to engage in my own creativity, all for the simple joy of making something new.”


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Trying something new over on YouTube.

I’ve tried many different ways of growing my work as a singer/songwriter, jazz musician, saxophonist, and contemporary composer, but so far have really struggled to turn all that into a sustainable career. So I decided to use this vlog to help catalogue my journey from working musician with a full time day job to doing music full time, through all the trials and triumphs, and connect with those people who will enjoy my music the most and hopefully help you with your creative life in the process. 


Here's where I'll be playing next.