Meet Me at the Table

Alarm kicks on the radio 
Picking out words to a song I know 
Sunlight through an open door 
Shining on scars that weren’t there before 

Fell asleep in dirty clothes 
With muddy shoes and battered bones 
My body aches from heavy loads 
A mind weighed down by a laden soul 

Kettle will be ready soon 
Singing out its lonesome tune 
Morning tea that speaks to you 
Warming in ways my words can’t do 

Staring at your empty shoes 
Waiting until you have to choose 
Trying hard not to move 
Taking sips like you got nothing to 

If I feel uneasy, does it show? 
If you’re on the mend, won’t I know? 
Take a seat and linger on this note 
Tell me about it 

When I leave my bed to clear my head 
You make me feel able 
When you're weak come to speak 
Meet me at the table