"On the edge of a parking lot..."

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Shaw created this project as a tribute to late night bar bands, his love for experimental Americana music, and as a way to explore the myriad faces of hope and heartache. This book explores the rich themes found inside the music on the album: a story about ruined dreams and renewed possibility, of the life we imagined and the reality we find ourselves in, and of the beautiful, complicated mess that is getting through a single day. This is for all who struggle to survive, who strive for a better life, and to those we’ve lost along the way.

"A musician playing a late night gig at a run-down dive bar finds himself speaking with one of the regular patrons and ends up in a conversation that changes his life. Madeline — a former beauty queen who now works third shift at a gas station —  teaches him not only what it means to have hope despite a lifetime of lost dreams, but also how beautiful the world can be by stepping out of the shadows and into the light."

Available now online or in person. For a preview please click the link HERE.

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